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Marble Shiva Statue

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We offer the beautiful statues of Lord Shiva in different pattern. Lord Shiva, also called Rudra in the oldest scripture Rig Veda. He is considered the destroyer of whole world, yet at the same time he is also very benevolent. Shiva Statues are the unique statues designed and offered by our company. The ultimate finishing work, perfect cutting and dimensional accuracy offer superb quality statues.
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Shiv Parivar Statue

Code: MSS01

Heart stealing Lord Shiva Statues, which feature God Shiva seated upon a tiger skin, garlanded with snake & rudraksha mala and holding trident( trishula), drum (damaru) and kamundal in his hands. Holy Ganga river is flowing from his matted hair, while crescent moon on the head is improving his grace. A magnificent piece of art must for all the Shiva lovers!

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lord shiva statues, wholesale marble shiva statues

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Shiv Mable Statue

Code: MSS02

Mesmerizing statute of divine couple, lord shiva and his consort goddess parvati, who are the relievers of all sufferings and bestowers of all riches, sitting on a stone in a pacific mood. This splendid piece of marble gauri shankar statue adorned with matching dress & jewelry evokes spiritual pleasure in the heart of worshippers.

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decorative marble statue, lord shiva statues

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Marble Shiv Statue

Code: MSS03

Lord Shiva is the creator, preserver and destroyer. Worshipped as the paramount lord by the Soviet sects of India. He is the the Supreme God and is both static and dynamic. Keeping the different beliefs of the people, we have designed a collection of Lord Shiva statues in deep meditation.

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shankar parvati statue, decorative marble statue

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Marble Mahadev statue

Code: MSS04

Lord shiva in meditating posture. He is seated on a tiger's skin placed on a rock. A beautiful mearvel structure.

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lord shiva statues, wholesale marble shiva statues

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Shankar Parvati Statue

Code: MSS05

Shiva family statue depicting lord shiva ( shankar) with his consort goddess parvati ( gauri), son ganesha & vahana nandi bull. Four armed shiva is garlanded with a snake and having trident & kamundal. mata parvati is beautified with appealing dress & jewellery. example of an ideal family to be emulated.

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