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We have come up with a wide assortment of Marble Statues and Temples that are made in accordance to our eminent client's requirements. Known for outstanding features, durability and eye catching looks, these are offered in different customized specifications. These highly polished statues and temples are made according to varied religious aspects of temples.
  • God Statues
  • Marble Temple
  • Marble Mandir
  • Golden Painted Marble Temples
  • Marble Golden & Meenakari Temples
  • White Marble Temple
  • Carved Marble Temples
  • Decorative Marble Temples
  • Household Temple
  • Marble Temple for Home
  • Marble Ganesha Statue
  • Marble Shiva Statue
  • Marble Durga Statue
  • Marble Saraswati Statue
  • Marble Laxmi Statue
  • Marble Ram Darbar Statue
  • Marble Radha Krishna Statue
  • Marble Hanuman Statue
  • Marble Sai Baba Statue
  • Marble Jain Statues
  • Marble Swami Narayan Statues
  • Marble Inlay Tiles
  • Marble Carvings

Marble Temple

The marble temples offered by us comes in aesthetic designs and sizes. Crafted from premium quality marble, these temples have an unparalleled finishing with detailed carving. Elaborately designed, they are also provided with pillars and domes that gives a ravishing look. These exotic temples are durable, having smooth edges and perfect finishing. We offer carved marble temples, gold coated temple, handmade temple, household temples, Hindu God temples, marble Ram temple, marble Ganesha temple, marble Shiva temple, marble Durga temple, marble Hanuman temple, marble Krishna temple and many others.

Marble Mandir

We design Marble Mandirs in beautifull marbles specially for our taste rich customers. This Mandir are rich in carvings and look aesthitic with light.

Golden Painted Marble Temple

This Marble Temples comes with beautifull golden work on them. With the golden hand work, aesthicity of this marble temples becomes awesome.

Marble Golden & Meenakari Temples

Our Marble Golden & Meenakari Temples are crafted from premium quality white marble. These temples comes with fine meenakari work and real gold painting. This Marble Temples are also designed keeping in mind customers requirement.

White Marble Temple

Crafted from premium quality white marbles, our White Marble Temples comes in several designs and architectures. Our customers have lot many option to choose among his best possible option.

Carved Marble Temple

We are having some very ancient technique of hand carving done by skilled artisans. This Carved Marble Temples come with this quality and provide you a feel of best hand carving architecture.

Decorative Marble Temples

Decorative Marble Temples offered by us comes in beautifull and aesthetic designs. This temples can be placed in the household, offices, commercial complex and businesses.

HouseHold Temple

We provide large collection of different kinf of marble temples you can use in your household. This Household Temples are designed keeping in mind different households across the world.

Marble Temple For Home

We provide large array of Marble Temples for Home. This comes in white as well as multicolour. You can choose the size as per your requirement.

Marble Ganesha Statue

Lord Ganesha, also known as Ganapati, Vinayaka and Pillaiyar, are the younger son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. He is widely revered as the lord of intellect and wisdom and patron of arts & sciences. Apart from India, several Ganesha statues have been found in Malay Archipelago, Burma, Cambodia, Thailand & other countries, which manifest his extreme popularity and ubiquitous worship . Marble Artifacts offers Ganesha stone statues, which are intricately sculpted from pure white marble and duly decorated with gold paint on ornaments. They are well polished and finished to give smooth shine. These Indian God statues reflect a sense of peace and feel of elegance.

Marble Shiva Statue

Lord Shiva, also called Rudra in the oldest scripture Rig Veda, is one of the three main deities of Hindu religion. He is considered the destroyer of whole world, yet at the same time he is also very benevolent. He is worshipped in both amorphous ( Shivalingas) and shaped (Statue) form by not only deities, rishis and human but also by demons due to his benignity. Marble Artifacts specializes in manufacturing and exporting a mesmerizing collection of Marble Shiva Statue, which is beautified with many colors, dress and jewelry. Durability and visual appeal are the main characteristics of our range of Lord Shiva Statue.

Marble Ram Darbar Statue

Maryada Purushottama Lord Rama, seventh incarnation of Vishnu is one of the most popular deities of Hindu religion. Through his whole life, he represented the ideal filial, fraternal, spousal, friendly and royal duties, which are relevant even today. A lot of archaeological and literary sources of Vietnam, Java, Myanmar, Indonesia, Bali, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia and various geological proofs of India and Lanka exemplify his wide fame. Keep your pace on the path of spirituality with exquisitely designed marble Ram Darbar statue offered by Marble Artifacts. Appealing figures of these deity idols compellingly establish a place in the heart of devotees and are extremely useful to perform everyday worship and enjoy the experience of successful and delightful meditation. We also manufacture the god dresses and jewelry to adorn these statues. our marble Ram Darbar statues includes Lord Ram Idol, Goddess Sita Statue and Laxman Statue.

Marble Radha Krishna Statue

Lord Krishna has been firmly established in the heart of Indians as well as millions of foreigners due to his fabulous beauty, mesmerizing divine-plays (lilas), devotion (bhakti) & salvation (mukti) provider sweet name and world famous preaching of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita. His consort & original shakti, Radha is the embodiment of highest form of love. Marble Artifacts has brought for you a fascinating gallery of Marble Radha Krishna Statue in a variety of postures and forms , which can be teamed up with captivating apparels and jewelry. Representing the skillful engraving and tailoring work, they are pocket friendly in prices

Marble Hanuman Statue

Lord Hanuman, the son of Anjana and Kesari is known for his exclusive love for Lord Rama and Sita. He is the best of all adherents of servitorship devotion (dasya bhakti) and epitomizes the amazing fusion of devotion (bhakti) and power (shakti). According to many scriptures and beliefs, Hanuman is present even today and he is the perfect medium to achieve the grace of Sitaram as well as bring ecstasy & remove all miseries. Range of Lord Hanuman Statue offered by Marble Artifacts is proficiently carved out from white marble and exhibits the fine mastery of our stone workers. They are available at most reasonable rates.

Marble Durga Statue

A mother''s love can not be described in words. A father can be stone-hearted while punishing his child, but a mother endures all sufferings and forgives all mistakes of her child. This is why, in Hindu religion, many devotees has been worshipping the God in form of Mother Durga or Shakti since Vedic period. While Maa Durga is like death for wicked people, on the other hand she showers her maternal love and grace on her devotees. Marble Artifacts manufactures Goddess Durga Statues in various elegant forms from natural marble and eye pleasing colors. These Goddess sculptures are customer friendly in price.

Marble Laxmi Statue

Hindu Goddess Maa Laxmi Statue is available in pure white marble with real gold work on it. We carve Marble Laxmi Statue as per the customer's requirement.

Marble Saraswati Statue

We are one of the most reputed manufacturers and exporters of Marble Saraswati Statues that are made from superior quality marbles. Our wide range of Statues give beautiful and elegant look. These are available in different sizes, shapes and designs. Designed to cater the varied requirements of clients, these are highly appreciated for their durability and stylish look. We offer these Statues at most affordable rates.

Marble Gayatri Statue

We are engaged in offering Marble Gayatri Statue with dried palm leaf in one hand and kamandal in other hand. She was the glorious light and characterized by fire and shakti. These are skillfully crafted with minute detailing, smooth edges and perfect polishing. These are available in different sizes and dimensions and can also be customized as per the requirements of clients.

Marble Sai Baba Statue

We carve Sai Baba in white marble and has wide range of designs to choose from. Our Sai Baba Statues comes in customized sizes.

Jain Statues

Jain statues made in premium quality marble with fine architecture. Available in all sizes as per customer's requirement, we have a large ccollection of Jain Statues as well.

Marble Inlay Tiles

We offer beautifully designed marble inlays that are very detailed and depicts exclusive patterns. The ornate carving available is truly a priceless addition to the structure. We offer a resplendent collection of marble inlays that can be teamed with other stones to accentuate the entire ambiance. Our range highlights the zest of perfection in our adroit artisans. Available in various styles, designs and sizes, these marble floor inlays can be customized according to client specifications and requirements. Our range includes marble medallion flooring, marble inlay floor, decorative marble inlay, natural stone inlays, handcrafted inlays, colored inlays, handmade floor inlays etc.

Marble Carving Work

We offer marvelous marble carvings that add a touch of sophistication and elegance to the living space. These are sculpted in the shape of animal figurines, statues, plants and other beautiful products. These can be availed at most reasonable rates and are long lasting. Moreover, these intricately designed carvings possess matchless beauty and are impeccably crafted with utmost attention to intricacy and detail. Our range encompasses marble wall panels, flower fountain, flower shaped fountain, floral fountain, carved marble fountain, designer fountains, garden decorative fountains, hand carved fountains, handcrafted fountains, handmade fountain, marble water fountain, outdoor water fountain, marble garden fountain etc.

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